The Apprenticeship program is a combined effort between Operating Engineers Local No. 800, the International Union of Operating Engineers, the Department of Labor and our Signatory Contractors. The program is designed to give inexperienced people the skills and  knowledge to become successful in their trade. The apprenticeship is a three year program; during which time an apprentice will be required to attend safety and trade related classes, to receive hands on training in heavy equipment skills, grade checking,  heavy equipment mechanics and maintenance, and welding; and be employed in the trade by a signatory contractor for ‘PAID’ on-the-job training. Apprentices receive the same union representation and benefits as a journeyman. Apprentice wages start at 70% of a journeyman’s pay scale. As an apprentice completes each stage of the training requirements, his or her wages increase by 5% for each step (there are six steps), until completion and graduation as a journeyman’s Operating Engineer.