Member Benefits

IUOE Local 800 provides clear benefits for our members, including:

  •  Higher wages and benefits, including health insurance and a pension;
  •  Job security — workers cannot be fired without just cause or laid off to make room for less experienced workers;
  •  Representation in all job-related interests;
  •  A chance to engage in negotiations with the employee’s contract;
  • Access to the best training available for a particular trade — often at no cost!

What many people don’t realize is that Local 800 benefits contractors as well. Hiring our union workers means:

  • Clearly defined job classifications and wage rates;
  • A well-trained supply of labor — no recruiting;
  • Low turnover;
  • High-quality work done safely, done right, and done on time;
  • Apprenticeship and training programs;
  • Cost-effective ways of providing health insurance and retirement benefits;
  • Established, proven procedures to solve work issues clearly.

Our union helps balance the power between employers and individual employees. Without the protection of a union contract, workers are at the mercy of their employers. Workers have a right under federal law to form a union, select representatives of their choice and bargain collectively with their employer. We ensure that employers will bargain over wages, hours and working conditions so that all parties benefit mutually.